Corey Dickerson: From Brookhaven to Meridian

Corey Dickerson, a 6 “3, 205 lb. center fielder for Meridian Community College Eagles has been playing baseball since he was four or five.

“Sports has always been my thing,” he said. “I’ve always liked the outdoors.” Growing up in Brookhaven, Dickerson said he usually played the positions of pitcher, catcher, or shortstop.

“Corey’s a natural hitter,” said Brookhaven Academy Cougars’ baseball coach Stephen Cooksey. “He swings from the left side and hits left-handed pitching really well. His hitting ability was remarkable. He’s fast for a big guy.” Cooksey said you could always count on Dickerson to singlehandedly bring in at least one or two runs per game.

Cooksey remembers Dickerson as being an unselfish team player. “If you ask Corey to sacrifice bunt, he was always willing to do it,” he said. If Brookhaven had a large lead in a game, Corey would sometimes go to the plate and practice batting right-handed or tryout a push bunt.

He’s pleased with the progress he made during his freshman year at MCC, saying his physical strength and overall knowledge of the game of baseball has improved this season. “All the coaches here have made me know the game more.”

“It’s gone really good, better than I expected,” he said. “It’s been a good move. It’s making me grow, making me ready for the next level.

Dickerson was discovered by college recruiters at the State Games in Meridian.

Freshman leadership has been Dickerson’ most important contribution to this year’s team, said Meridian head baseball coach Chris Rose. “As our leadoff hitter, Corey sets the tone for our offense,” he said. “He believes he can hit anyone.”

Dickerson’s improvement as an outfielder this season has been impressive, Rose said. “To start the year, he was average at best, and now he is a solid Center Fielder.”

The improvements are a testament to Dickerson’s strong work ethic. “No player works hard, better, or with more intensity than Corey,” Rose said.

Having Dickerson on his team these last few years helped bring more attention and respect to BA baseball, Cooksey said. “We now have several kids that have a chance to play college ball that would’ve been overlooked,” he said. “We feel like we have a program going in the right direction.”

As of early April, BA had an 8-5 record. The season will wind down in mid-May.

Since BA is a small school of about 400 students, most of the athletes play multiple sports, and Cooksey believes this helps his players be more versatile and close-knit. “It makes us more team-oriented. They spend so much time together, hunt and fish together,” he said.

Dickerson also excelled in basketball and football throughout high school.

“I feel like they’re my own kids. I put my heart and soul in them,” Cooksey said.

Dickerson, a 2008 graduate of Brookhaven Academy, would like to take his baseball to the professional level one day.

There are currently 36 MCC Eagles alumni who are either currently playing professional baseball or have played in the past.

Rose believes Dickerson’s aspiration to go pro is very achievable. “I truly believe Corey will be a Big League Player,” he said. “I have never been more confident about saying that with any other player. Actually, I have never said it.”

MCC, the 2008 MACJC 2008 State Champions and the 2009 Region 23 Champions, went 37-17 this spring.

Cooksey said it’s gratifying to see Dickerson take his baseball to the next level. “I feel like Corey could be in the SEC or the professional level,” he said.

As a highschooler, Dickerson set the career home run record in the Mississippi Private School Association with a total of 45, including 15 his senior year. His .591 batting average and 55 RBIs stand as all-time records for Brookhaven Academy.

In addition to his athletic ability, Cooksey said Dickerson had a positive influence on the community through involvement with youth sports camps, and working with young athletes.

“My goal is to set a record at Meridian, and be known for my hitting,” Dickerson said. During the third weekend of April, Dickerson hit 3 homeruns in one game against Delgado, tying an MCC record held by Tyler Vick.

At bat, Dickerson said he needs to “just be more patient with my hitting, pay more attention.” Dickerson is currently the lead off batter in the Eagles’ lineup.

“His ability to hit, hit for power, and run makes him an exceptional player,” Rose said. “I just hope that we can keep him one more year.”

Dickerson’s advice to little leaguers who dream of playing college baseball is to “just play hard, and if things are meant to happen, God will let it happen. Have fun. It’s just a game. Don’t take it so seriously. Leave it up to Him.”


Corey Dickerson 2009 Stats:

•       .362 Batting Average
•       12 Doubles
•       3 Triples
•       10 Home Runs
•       33 RBI’s
•       11 Stolen Bases


2 Responses

  1. I have had the privilige of watching Corey grow up on the baseball field. From his Dixie Youth days in Summit to his outstanding high school career at Brookhaven Academy.
    I am pleased that this is also one of the outstanding performers that has come out of Dixie Youth Basaeball in Mississippi.

  2. He votado a favor de “bicicleta al trabajo” porque no soy cycleaholic

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